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Traveling Overseas With Babies - What To Bring On The Plane

July 16, 2018

So we have about 18 hours of travel time ahead of us. EIGHTEEN HOURS. So as much as you prepare in advance, it's pretty much guaranteed you will be exhausted at the end of the day no matter what you try. We are taking an overnight flight for a good portion of our trip - but there is always that chance that your baby (or toddler) refuses to sleep. So it's better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best, right? So this is what we've prepared for our flights:


Diaper Bag:

 Everything in this photo fits in my Sunverno backpack diaper bag (and I highly recommend this diaper bag, its smaller and cleans easily). In it, we have the following:

1. Two empty bottles - one for the baby and one for the toddler - we will fill it up with water once at the airport. It is also super easy to ask the flight attendants to re-fill these bottles at any time and its so important to keep babes hydrated. 

2. Two drawstring bags - One for clothes and one for diapers, etc (will go into more detail below).

3. Tylenol for babies and for toddlers because you never know

4. Potty seat and flushable wipes (will go into more detail below).

5. Pacifier (ok 20 pacifiers because we always lose these).

6. Gravol (not pictured but there as a last resort).

7. Spoon and plate for baby

8. Fully loaded iPad 


The Drawstring Bags - I actually got this idea from my friend Hannah when she posted this a few weeks ago - get some drawstring bags and fill them all up with different uses - and everything will be in one place when you need it. So in the two bags, we have included the following:


Bag 1: Clothing 

Two full changes of clothing for both girls. Shirts, pants, underwear and socks - i'm also thinking this might not be enough because kids will either a) throw up all over you and will need that one extra change or b) freak out when a drop of water falls on their clothes (or is that JUST my toddler?).



Bag 2: Everything You Need For A Diaper Change


In this bag, I've included a change pa, diapers, wipes, bum cream and hand sanitizer. When a diaper change is needed, simply just take this drawstring bag and your babe and head to the bathroom. It's a lot easier than bringing your entire diaper bag with you or to dig through your bag trying to find everything while holding a stinky baby. 


Bonus : Bag 3: Potty, Flushable Wipes & Undewear

Since my toddler has been potty trained for about 8 months now, we have found the need to carry a potty seat with us wherever we go. We found this awesome potty from OXO Tot On The Go Potty Seat and it has been awesome for us so far. It comes with bags that you can attach underneath if you're using it on a road trip, or you can put it right overtop of a toilet seat as well! In addition, it comes with its own drawstring bag - and we've also added in flushable wipes and underwear in case of accidents. 


And all of this fit into our diaper bag.  We are also bringing an additional carry on that will include some activities to keep the girls busy.





I went to the dollar store earlier today and spent $20 for all of these activities. There's two puzzles, some blocks, animals, play dough, a Paw Patrol "fun" bag (includes crayons, stickers, etc), Peppa Pig search and find book, some snacks. I plan on giving her one toy at a time and hoping this will keep her busy for at least a few hours. 



For the baby, we just brought some small toys that she doesn't normally play with. These toys all double as teething toys (which is a great win because she is teething like crazy right now). 


In addition to all of these activities - it is super important to bring snack, snacks and more snacks... as well as wipes, wipes and more wipes. And then all that's left is hoping for the best. Even if its the toughest travel day, it is only one day after all right? So fingers crossed everything goes well. Is there anything you think I've forgotten? If so, let me know in the comments below!







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