6 Months Later

February 27, 2018


And just like that, I blinked and 6 months flew by and my maternity leave is half done. I feel like it was yesterday that Elma was born and now she's sitting up on her own getting ready to crawl and take on the world (or our living room, whatever comes first). It's been an adjustment but like many people have told me over the last few months, we are finally finding our groove. 



I won't lie and say that these first few months have always been smooth sailing - it's been pretty bumpy. I  think a lot of it is due to the expectations I set on myself and others. I expected to be able to maintain my house to my type A cleanliness standard - something that both my mother and mother and law continuously remind me is impossible because I do have TWO babies to take care of (thank GOD for supportive mothers #angels).  I also had some unrealistic expectations of my oldest. On one of my instagram posts a few months ago someone commented along the lines of they "expected their older child to be doing laundry and paying rent" and that fit our situation to a T. Overnight Ena became a big sister, the older one, and was therefore not a baby anymore. But guys, she's not even 2.5 years old! Of course she's a baby. Get it together Samra. We've also had a really, REALLY cold winter here on the North Pole and its limited what I've been able when both of the girls are at home with me. As much as I try to entertain my oldest with the hundreds of Montessori-approved toddler activities, there are days that Paw Patrol was my coparent when hubby was at work... because"Whenever you're in trouble, just YELP for help!" .























But along with all of this, we have had SOOOO many amazing moments. Watching Ena develop into a full blown toddler that I can actually have conversations (and arguments with) has been amazing. I found myself channeling my mother when I told her "I said YES"...to which she replied "I SAID NO" and it blew my mind... and gave me insight to her teenage years (#lawdhelpme). And Elma might just be the smiliest baby in the entire world - I often wonder if her face hurts from all of the smiling. And of course, seeing them together just melts my heart. Ena is the sweetest big sister and makes us so proud with her kind and gentle demeanour (most of the time).



As for hubby and me, we're tired. Like really tired. Running after two has been exhausting. We keep reminding ourselves that this is the hardest time of our lives. 2 under 2 is no joke, two babies going through two completely different stages. But you know what, two babies truly are the biggest blessings. The two of them giggling together. Big sister feeding her little sister. Tandem naps. Bathtime with sis. Two of the biggest blessings we could ever ask for. I honestly am so thankful every single day for this little family of mine, for all of the love that surrounds me every single day. 




I am so excited to see how things will change as the girls get bigger. When they're both walking - I keep picturing them walking hand in hand on the playground. And i'm excited for all of the adventures we will have as a family in the future. So for now, I'll drink my 4th coffee of the day and enjoy living in the moment.






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