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Review : Lollipop Baby Camera

January 23, 2018


When we first had Ena, we assumed all baby cameras were created equally. So why spend a ton of money on something that would likely work as well as its competitor? And to be honest, we didn't really end up using this camera anyway as we co-slept with Ena for the first year of her life. Elma, however, has been a very happy sleeper since her birth (for the most part) and enjoys sleeping in her crib. When I came across the Lollipop Baby Camera on Instagram, I knew I had to have it.  So now that we've been using it for a couple of weeks, I thought I'd share some of my favourite features of this adorable baby camera. 


1. Its absolutely adorable


This camera comes in multiple absolutely adorable colours that are very unique, I haven't seen anything in the market that is similar. It blends nicely with Elma's nursery - the touches of pink. Its a small camera, and you can bend it and twist it to fit in multiple places in your nursery. 

 2. It is perfect for travel.


We are planning a couple of larger trips for 2018 and we plan to bring this camera along with us. All we need is the camera itself, and the charger! No cords that are miles long, and no need for a separate screen as it directly hooks up to your phone via WiFi! 



3. The actual camera quality is awesome. 

Both the Lollipop camera app and picture quality are really awesome. Being able to see your baby actually breathe on screen is something that I am quite impressed with, and the camera itself is sharp. I also feel comfortable turning off the camera app itself because you get notifications that pop up on your phone that the baby is crying even though you might not be watching at that time, which really helps calm the nerves. My husband and I both have this app installed in our phones and he is able to peek in and see her napping while he's at work (see screen shot below). 



All in all, this is a product that I really love and would be a great gift for any new or expecting parents. Check them out now on their website or Instagram page.


Note: I received this camera in exchange for a review but my review truly reflects my opinions of this product.


What is your nursery must have?



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